The Lido Beach

The beach of the Lido is famous for its fine sand which gently slopes into the blue water of the Adriatic sea. The soft, carpet-like sand renders the beach most suitable even for young children. It is a rather long beach, stretching for 12 km and enclosed by the two long dams of San Nicolò and Alberoni.


From 2009 to 2015, our beach was awarded the Blue Flag for the exceptional quality of its water, its cleanliness and the efficiency of the available services, including rescue and emergency operations. The beach is accessible to the disabled. Visitors can enjoy traditional beach activities in a wilderness sanctuary environment.

The Lido beach offers a variety of options to its visitors.

There are private areas where the characteristic multi-colored cabins are equipped with comfortable curtained verandas, tables and lounge chairs. Visitors can also rent mini-huts. These smaller, less expensive facilities (can be rented for one day at the time) still offer umbrellas and deckchairs which you can position at the water’s edge.

The Belvedere Hotel can treat its guests to the use of its private beach hut. Just ask the Concierge about reserving the space and we will be happy to accommodate you. The beach cabin can be reached in a short 10-15-minute walk or a quick bike ride (ask the Concierge to borrow a bike from the Hotel) or by bus.

If you prefer a restful vacation in anunspoiled natural setting, we recommend a nice bike (or car) ride to the sandy dunes of San Nicolò and Alberoni or the Murazzi rocks.

If you go to Alberoni you will find yourself in a mostpeaceful and secluded natural setting (protected by the WWF), notable for its wildlife. You may walk along the beach and watch rare sea birds such as bee-eaters and plovers or egrets and seagulls in their natural habitat.

A historic beach

During the Belle Epoque the Lido beach was famous throughout the world. It was the favorite setting of the rich and famous, where often royalty mingled with famous actors and actresses or international financiers.Indeed, the Lido was a most elegant and sophisticated environment, immortalized in novels such as Thomas Mann’s “Death in Venice”. That old-fashioned atmosphere still linger at the Lido.


The first bathing establishment was inaugurated at the Lido in 1857, though it was only in the 1890’s that the first private beach huts were built. In 1908, for example, the Hotel Excelsior built rows of elegant huts for its guests. These were decorated with luxurious drapes and comfortable upholstered chairs. Soon after, the city of Venice decided to build more cabins, uniform in style and size, to rent to both visitors and Venetians alike.




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